OG Belt

OG Belt
OG Belt
OG Belt
OG Belt

OG Belt

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The Optimus Gear® Collar is a high-quality dog walking belt that is equipped with our patented aluminum side release buckle and D-ring for OG accessory attachment. The D-Ring ensures that you are always ready for any situation with your pet and can put them on a leash whenever you want and still be hands-free.

Additional features include comfortable webbing, aluminum triglide makes it infinitely adjustable, and silicone webbing retainer that won’t crack in the cold.

Take a look at the Optimus Gear Leash Addition for a complete setup.

Refer to the sizing guide to determine which belt size is right for you.

Product Features

  • Optimus Gear Buckle 
  • D-Ring for Leash Link and accessory attachment
  • Aluminum triglide
  • Silicone webbing retainer

Download: OG Belt Sizing Guide

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