Why should Canadians buy “Made in Canada?”

Buying Canadian is, of course, good for the Canadian economy! Canadian dollars staying in Canada help fund local infrastructure and fight major social issues, such as child poverty and unemployment.

Purchasing Canadian Products

1) Creates jobs and supports the growth of business. This allows manufacturers to expand into export markets and subsequently bring ‘new’ money into the Canadian economy!

2) Ensures that the individuals building the products are paid fair labour wages and have safe working conditions. “Made in Canada” for this company means every employee on the design team, production team and marketing team is living and working in Canada. You are guaranteed that employees are adults garnering an equitable wage!

3) Maintains our country’s machining and manufacturing capabilities! This local
knowledge is essential for entrepreneurs designing and developing new products. Having a strong fabrication sector allows existing companies to assist new businesses getting through the development stage, with small runs and prototyping work. This allows companies to develop their product without making the project’s expenses insurmountable.

4) Is better for the environment! Shorter shipping distances reduce green-house-gas emissions and local companies have to abide by environmental policies that reduce pollution.

Although it is difficult to see the long-term effects of predominantly purchasing export products, it is important to consider the human, environmental, intellectual property and overall economic benefits that are coupled with buying local products. These factors justify additional up-front costs if the products are of equal or better quality. Check out Seat Cover Blog for information about the quality of our products.

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