Our Story

As a pet owner who lives an active and fun-filled life with Nala, I know that transporting an unrestrained dog includes inherent safety risks to the animal and all vehicle occupants. As a result, I saw an opportunity to create a solution that made sure my family and every other family stayed safe and secure.

A family enterprise at its core, my mother, uncle, and I began creating designs harness prototypes until we had a preliminary design that began to evolve into a final product. The company was born from our need of a crash-worthy harness, but quickly developed into a suite of compatible products, with well-rounded functionality to withstand an active pet’s everyday life.

To promote the use of the seat belt function, our harness is designed for all other activities that families do with their pets: walking, running, pulling (sled or wagon), and obedience training, just to name a few. Our harnesses are built to be comfortable, allowing a practical range of motion for your dog while preventing interference with driver controls or visibility. With its wide range of functions, our product replaces all other specialty harnesses.

Having gone through an elaborate testing process, Optimus Gear harnesses have been successfully crash tested at MGA Research! Today, Optimus Gear Corp. develops and delivers premium, Canadian-made pet and vehicle safety products that are crash-worthy and versatile. We offer the world’s most complete size range and the strongest side release buckle set, all made with quality, high-strength material.