o 1-year replacement or repair for manufacturer defects for all products.

o Defender Harness: If the Defender Harness is involved in a collision please contact Optimus Gear Corp. at contact@optimusgear.com to initiate our free replacement program.

Conditions for replacement as a result of a collision are:

- Send us proof of the collision. Once it has been verified and we agree to the claim.
- Complete a testimonial.
- Send the existing harness back to us using our provided return label.
- We will send a replacement harness to you free of charge.

o Credit Card
o PayPal
o Cheque
o E-Transfer

If you purchase a product(s) that are out of stock on our website, we will ship them to you as our stock is replenished in the order that it was received.

o We ship our products all over the world
o For shipments within Canada and the USA shipping fees are applied during checkout.
o For international shipments please contact us at contact@optimusgear.com for a quote.

o Our products are design, manufactured and assembled in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
o Our products use Canadian and American raw materials.

Your order shipment should arrive in approximately 5 – 10 business days.

o Return an unused product within 15 days of delivery. Please contact us at contact@optimusgear.com to initiate a return.
o All sales on customized products are final.

You may exchange unused items. Shipping charges may apply.

Yes, we offer free local pickup.

Send an email to contact@optimusgear.com so we can discuss the product deficiency.

Enter your promotional code during the checkout process.

The ‘maximum weight’ stated on the sizing guide is the weight of the crash-test dog that was used during crash-testing. Each harness can withstand higher loads; however, the maximum loads have not been dynamically verified. The loads that are imposed during a collision are a combination of speed, stopping time and the weight of the dog. 

If your dog fits the dimensions (A & B) for a of harness as per the sizing guide but your dog’s weight is higher than the recommended maximum.

Options include:

- Purchase the next size up harness size with a larger weight limit and request custom strap sizing during the purchase process.

- Purchase the harness with the lower weight limit. Please send an email to contact@optimusgear.com so that we can ensure that you understand the caveats of the design and testing that come with this. If you exceed the ‘maximum weight’ by less than 10% please contact us.

If you would like to discuss any of these options in more detail, please send an email to contact@optimusgear.com.

Anatomically weighted crash test dog-dummies are placed on a crash test skid and accelerated to impose a load of 25G. This load has the same magnitude that child seat crash tests are performed with. It simulates a vehicle traveling at 48 km/h (30mph) and coming to a dead stop during a collision. Our crash tested harnesses (small, medium and large) have successfully completed this test.

Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog to enjoy wearing new apparel.

Absolutely! The Defender Harness is meant to be the ultimate one-stop-shop for harnesses that allows you to easily transition to and from a vehicle and perform all the activities you love to do with your do.

You should NOT use your Defender Harness after it has been involved in a collision, there may be imperceptible damage to the harness as a result of the shock load. Please see our product warranty section for additional details.

Usually, the following adjustments will alleviate the issue. Try:
o   Tightening the body straps and shoulder straps on the harness. These straps should be ‘two-finger’ tight.
o   Tightening the straps on the lower tethers.

If you are still having an issue, please send an email to contact@optimusgear.com so we can address any issues you are having.

The best way to connect your dog to the vehicle tethers:
o   Get yourself in a good position – stand towards the back of the vehicle.
o   Hold the lower tether up using your ‘inside hand’. This will ensure that your dog doesn’t jump on top of the lower tether.
o   Hold the back panel or the leash close to the harness to maintain control as they enter the vehicle.
o   Guide your dog into the vehicle.
o   Connect the lower tether
o   Connect the upper tether

We offer customization for products including:

o   Defender Harness – body strap and shoulder strap length alterations
o   Collar – Custom length
o   Belt – Custom length
o   Leash – custom length & adjustable
o   Leash Addition – custom length & adjustable
o   Running Belt – custom length

If you don’t see a customization listed that you would like, please send an email to contact@optimusgear.com and we can find a solution!

Is there a product that we don’t carry that you would like to purchase?
Do you have an idea for a new product? Feel free to give us your opinion by sending an email to contact@optimusgear.com, we would love to hear from you!