I Love My Car

Has anybody had this conversation in their head? I’m asking for a friend…

“I love my car…. I really love my car! This is the first time I have been able to purchase a car I really wanted. No more hand-me-downs from my family. No more dilapidated beater cars for me. I love my car.

I love my kids…both of them. They are getting bigger. They are still sitting in car seats and boosters, but now they can climb up into those seats on their own. It’s a great relief for my back. I love my kids.

My kids love to have a great time; running, playing and puddle jumping. Unfortunately, these activities result in the residues of winter(salt, sand and grit), being ground in to those deep treads on the bottom of their boots. It’s so hard to watch those grit-filled boots rubbing back and forth getting ground in to the edge of my beautiful upholstery.  I love my kids but I also love my car.”

While we were buried in the design process for the Optimus Gear SeatShields, many of my friends were starting families and were experiencing the dilemma described above. They were looking for a seat cover to address the challenges of transporting muddy paws or muddy, salt/sand-covered boots and runners. Does this look familiar?

Prevent muddy paws from ruining your car upholstery Prevent dirty boots (mud, sand, water, dirt) from ruining your car upholstery

Design features of the Optimus Gear SeatShields conquer these challenges. The elasticized skirt design keeps the cover in place even when rubber boots or runners are rubbing along the edge of the seat. The zippered back panel allows for the console to fold down beside car seats, keeping sippy cups in place.

Car seat cover compatible with child car seats Child car seats compatible with seat cover. Console down to allow cup holder to be used.


The snapped closures instead of openings or VELCRO® style hook-and-loop tape, keep dog hair, grime and crushed cereal from getting behind the seat cover and into the upholstery underneath.

Snap closure to prevent dirt and grit from getting through the seat belt penetrations. Snap closure shown open. Clean behind the cover


Anchors secure the SeatShield during use and the installation and removal of child car seats.

When using a rear facing car seat, the headrest strap attachment keeps the SeatShield firmly in place, even while those boots and runners dance around on the seat back.

As Optimus Gear strives to be a leader in safety, protection and innovative products, we ensure that we keep an open ear to understand the challenges that our customers are facing. My friend’s lives are always an inspiration for the ideas being developed at Optimus Gear. They need a car seat cover that can make their lives easier, a seat cover that will survive all of the abuse that pets and children can throw at it and a seat cover that is durable enough to last for a very long time. We are proud of the engineering that enables our SeatShields to surpass our customers’ expectations.

Optimus Gear SeatShields will protect these vehicles and the next vehicles my friends are going to love.

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